Price-fixing and policy failure: Other factors in Venezuela’s crisis

Letter to the editor While I strongly agree with the tone and conclusions of Jesse Jackson’s article on the current economic and political crisis in Venezuela, I think he leaves out a lot of information – information that will be of interest to readers of People’s World. Jackson correctly points out that Venezuela depends on…

OAS threat: Gonsalves warns of plot against Venezuela

“A handful of powerful countries with an agenda of naked self interest has strategically invited select CARICOM countries to their meetings and ignored the others. In the result, they have succeeded in disuniting and weakening CARICOM countries whose only strength lies in our solidarity. This worrying development has been particularly manifest in matters relating to Venezuela,” the Vincentian leader wrote in the letter dated May 10, 2017.

“There is clearly a calculated strategy in place by a group of nations to achieve regime change in Venezuela by using the OAS as a weapon of destruction,” he added.