Costs of War and Militarism

Lindsay Koshgarian; National Priorities Project, Institute for Policy Studies Statement for New York, NY. February 12, 2018 U.S. cities and states are heavily reliant on federal funds. The average state government receives approximately 30 percent of its revenues from the federal government. In 2015, New York City received $6.3 billion in federal funds. [1] The…

#Cuomoville, paid for by developers

The real-estate led development of New York City has brought new people into the city, while displacing others, and boosted demand for services, while those providing them struggle to get by on minimum wages, tips, and docked hours. The one-sided focus has failed to take care of problems of overcrowding, and an antiquated subway system is crumbling under the weight of neglect, punishing commuters.

Hotline Volunteer: ‘Empowering Tenants to Stand Up’

Knowledge is empowerment, she believes. Callers almost always “feel that they have control over their situation” and that their concerns are valid after speaking to a volunteer, she says. “All we talk about in this city in terms of housing is building new developments. Meanwhile, people are suffering in their housing situations now, and there’s no one out there saying, ‘you should be mad and stand up to your landlord if they are doing something wrong.’”