Colombia: Violence in a time of peace

By James Patrick Jordan Young people in Villa Rica are like young people everywhere. When school is done, they take to parks, each other’s homes, and street corners to talk, joke around, flirt, and otherwise discuss the day with their friends. That’s what was happening on May 1 in Villa Rica, a small town with…

The Unexpected Afterlife of American Communism

By Sarah Jaffe Published by the New York Times • JUNE 6, 2017 The Communist, in the American imagination, has always been the ultimate outside agitator. No matter how homegrown a resistance movement was, or how local the organizers were, the first response from those facing protest has always been to blame an outsider. This was…

Service workers win battle over scheduling

“Since they don’t want to come to the table, we took it upon ourselves to bring our own table,” Papa John’s Pizza worker and Fight for 15 leader Shantel Walker told Peoples World. “Many domestic workers are immigrants who don’t know their rights … but don’t feel they have the right to speak up, because they live in fear,” said domestic worker Daniela Contreras of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. “We must build organizations that make it possible for us to come together and organize to have our human and working needs met.”

Cuomo scrambles labor gains in NYC

Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York City Council recently passed the #FairWorkweek and Fast Food Worker Empowerment bills fought for by Fastfood Forward and the Fight for $15 and a Union movement. Meanwhile, Cuomo is working on statewide legislation that could create confusion within the labor movement by expanding some parts of the legislation, while undercutting larger parts of the #FairWorkweek package. The implementation of different standards in different parts of the state also threatens to weaken and divide the labor movement in New York.