The Unexpected Afterlife of American Communism

By Sarah Jaffe Published by the New York Times • JUNE 6, 2017 The Communist, in the American imagination, has always been the ultimate outside agitator. No matter how homegrown a resistance movement was, or how local the organizers were, the first response from those facing protest has always been to blame an outsider. This was…

Police murder of the racially oppressed is a national crisis

What is also so frustrating is that although there is all this hand wringing and lamenting by a plethora of writers, journalists and reporters, there is a lack of direction by anyone of the progressive or leftist slant to propose anything to halt these racist, state sanctioned lynchings. I would venture some proposals including everything from civilian review boards, peoples’ tribunals to community patrols to monitor the activities of the police who in so many instances act like an occupying army rather than protectors of the communities they are supposed to serve. There has to be community control of the police. Keep in mind that the courts, so far, have been on the side of the police. The so-called justice system in this regard is broken.

As an aggrieved mother of a recent victim so poignantly said: “the police cannot police the police.”

Resistance Seder

Join us for a celebration of the struggle for Freedom and Liberation for all people Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 – 2:00pm Winston Unity Hall 235 West 23rd Street, 7th floor, NYC Come to retell the story of the freedom of the Israelite Slaves We retell the story (Haggadah) of the Israelite rebellion against the Egyptians…

Chicago South Shore activists and cops find some agreement on killings

Demetrius Nash, the Founder of Replace Guns with Hammers, an organization which seeks to place at-risk youth in building trades union apprenticeships, said, “If we hold police accountable, we have hold each other accountable. … [We need] resources coming down from city hall, the state levels, and even Washington D.C. into these communities and getting vocational skills for these young men, youth centers, and the things we used to have.”