#Cuomoville, paid for by developers

The real-estate led development of New York City has brought new people into the city, while displacing others, and boosted demand for services, while those providing them struggle to get by on minimum wages, tips, and docked hours. The one-sided focus has failed to take care of problems of overcrowding, and an antiquated subway system is crumbling under the weight of neglect, punishing commuters.

How the Preferential Rent Scam Works

A reform bill introduced in the state legislature would require landlords to renew the lease based on the lower preferential rent as long as the tenant stays in the apartment. The Assembly has passed the bill every year for the last several years, but the Republicans and turncoat Democrats who control the state Senate have refused to pass it.

Private developers are punching holes in the sanctuary state

By Cameron Orr New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo have each promised to make New York a sanctuary from the racist agenda of landlord-in-chief Donald Trump. Trump has promised to cut funding to sanctuary cities and states. Federal funds from Housing and Urban Development to New York…

421-a Corporate Welfare for Developers

“If anyone here believes that 421-a is an affordable housing program, I want to dispel that myth right now. It is an outdated tax break for billionaire developers like landlord-in-chief Donald Trump and should be done away with completely.” These words were spoken by Ava Farkas, executive director of Metropolitan Council on Housing, at a…