A note on Belt and Road

According to an article posted on Qiushi (bit.do/beltandroad), the Organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, “China’s new commercial strategy will allow Latin America and the Caribbean to join this drive of ‘opening up, inclusiveness and mutual benefits.’ ”

“Africa is also expected to benefit considerably from China’s pledged resources in the coming years,” the article stated and “other benefits are China’s supported financing of anti-poverty and improved health care projects.”

China, Vietnam pledge to boost ‘comradely, brotherly’ ties

Yu said in his meeting with Quang that China and Vietnam are good neighbors, have the same political system, face common development challenges and have positive cooperation prospects. He said the two countries should seize the opportunity of building the Belt and Road Initiative to expand bilateral cooperation. He said the CPPCC will continue to work closely with the Vietnam Fatherland Front to share ideas on political consultation and promote people-to-people exchanges.

Liu said in his meeting with Quang that China and Vietnam have a shared future and the two countries should help each other through good and bad times.

Imperialism in the 21st Century affects Americans, too

By Emile Schepers The  purpose of this article is to clarify what imperialism is and is not, how it is functioning worldwide as the year 2017 begins, how it impacts workers in the United States, and what we should be doing in response to it. What Imperialism is, and what it is not Imperialism is…

No U.S. Intervention in Syria!

The Communist Party USA denounces the Trump Administration’s attack on Syria as an illegal threat to regional and world peace.