Venezuelan journalist William Serafino links the attacks against the Maduro government to ExxonMobil oil interests. Zamora Plan

  It’s April 18. The political climate is defined by a highly confrontational and warmongering tone of the Venezuelan opposition the day before a national sit-in (plantón) where, once again, violent acts were to be expected: destruction and confrontation with law enforcement. President Nicolas Maduro delivers a speech in the evening from Miraflores Presidential Palace….

Trump likely to close Cuba doors that Obama opened

  By W. T. Whitney Jr. Reuters, The New York Times, and other news outlets are echoing a May 29 report by the right-wing Daily Caller website stating that “President Donald Trump is set to announce a rollback of former President Barack Obama’s policies toward Cuba.” The report attributed the information to John Kavulich of…

Colombia: Violence in a time of peace

By James Patrick Jordan Young people in Villa Rica are like young people everywhere. When school is done, they take to parks, each other’s homes, and street corners to talk, joke around, flirt, and otherwise discuss the day with their friends. That’s what was happening on May 1 in Villa Rica, a small town with…

China fine tuning its cooperation machine

Authorities of the world’s second largest economic power confirmed that in addition to the issues addressed in the Forum, China will also work to respond to the growing need to create cooperation platforms between nations, in response to the global financial crisis and increasing protectionism.

Looking to consolidate this economic route, which should account for over 60% of the world’s population and a third of global production, participants in the Forum discussed ways to optimize complementarity between the development strategies of each nation, and promote cooperation initiatives benefitting communities living along the trade route.