Amina Baraka – to the Young Communist League

Now, this is a poem I wrote to the Young Communist League.


A rising tide

of justice and equality of all

A hammer

Against racism and anti-semitism,


A sickle

In the heart of capitalism

A banner

Of socialism


Young comrades

Growing reds


On the picket line

Rapping union songs

On a mission

For world peace

Carrying the torch

Of working-class democracy

It’s all good

The people’s future

Is very bright


Old Man River

Old man river

That old man river

He don’t say nothin’

But must know somethin’

He just keeps rolling

He just keeps rolling



He don’t plant ‘tatoes

He don’t pick no cotton

And them that picks it

Is soon forgotten

And old man river

He’ll just keep rolling



You and me

We sweat and drain

But you

Racked with pain

You lift that barge

You tote that bail

You show a little grit

And you’ll end in jail


But I’m lucky for laughing

Instead of crying

And Imma keep fighting

Until I’m dying

And old man river

He’ll just keep rolling



Build the front against fascism