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Trump, evicter-in-chief

By Cameron Orr Landlord-in-chief Donald Trump wants to evict 800,000 people from the U.S. On September 5th, the Trump administration announced it intends to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Many DACA recipients, employed in the construction industry, built the very buildings that made such real-estate moguls rich. Every day the people of New…

Could the Arpaio pardon be Trump’s Waterloo?

By Albert Bender Will the disgraceful pardon of the brazenly racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio be Trump’s Waterloo? It certainly should be. Trump has done what no other “president” in recent U.S. history has ever done: He has, by his actions, endorsed virulent racism, lauded flagrant white supremacy, and praised the holding of people of color—specifically Latinos—in what by Arpaio’s own admission…

#Cuomoville, paid for by developers

The real-estate led development of New York City has brought new people into the city, while displacing others, and boosted demand for services, while those providing them struggle to get by on minimum wages, tips, and docked hours. The one-sided focus has failed to take care of problems of overcrowding, and an antiquated subway system is crumbling under the weight of neglect, punishing commuters.